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Nigeria’s ex-Minister, Prof Emovon, is dead

thanks for the views we appreciate : 75 Professor Emmanuel Emovon A former Minister of Science and Technology in Nigeria, Professor Emmanuel Emovon, is dead. He would have been 91 years by 24 February, 2020. He was made minister during the Military Administration of General Ibrahim Babangida. His death is coming less than 24 hours…

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UNILAG Lecturer bags 21 years for raping “Jambite” www.unilag.com.ng

thanks for the views we appreciate : 133 Akin Baruwa⅞ An Ikeja High Court on Thursday sentenced a former part-time lecturer in the University of Lagos, Akin Baruwa, to 21 years imprisonment for raping an 18-year-old admission-seeker. Justice Josephine Oyefeso, while sentencing Baruwa, described his action as heinous. Oyefeso held that the sentence should serve…

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Aso Rock Murder laetitia Dagang – Police Say not on villa debunk leaked documents conspiracy theory www.aso.rocks

thanks for the views we appreciate : 923   TOP STORIES Laetitia Dagan: Police arrest suspect over murder of Aso Rock’s assistant director 1 hour ago Punch Newspapers Assailants kill Aso Rock assistant director in Abuja 1 day ago Laetitia Dagan: Police arrest suspected killer of Aso Rock Deputy Director 3 hours ago Slain Aso…

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Paulosa is Dead – Nigerian Civil War Hero Passes Colonel Paul Osa Ogbebor

thanks for the views we appreciate : 996 Trending on Social Media Retwtr.com Comments  from Jefferson Uwoghiren Facebook See comments and click to add yours Paulosa is Dead – Nigerian Civil War Hero Passes Colonel Paul Osa Ogbebor Buhari salutes civil war veteran, Col Paul Ogbebor at 80  9 months ago President Muhammadu Buhari has congratulated…

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Get the Best Ending in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

thanks for the views we appreciate : 944 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, like previous Deus Ex games, will track the decisions you make and what you do – especially in the final few mission, can have an effect on the different Endings to the game. The ending to the game largely revolves around how you…

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Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon: How to Get Solgaleo and Every Legendary

thanks for the views we appreciate : 942 This page covers Legendary Pokemon obtainable in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and Sun and Moon. Sun and Moon introduced another set of Legendary Pokemon to the ever expanding universe of Pokemon. Lunala, Solgaleo, Zygarde, and Necrozma are obtained differently in Ultra Sun/Moon than in Sun/Moon.…

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Dragon Age Character’s Fake Novel Being Released For Real

thanks for the views we appreciate : 943 By Matt Davidson If you’re a seasoned player of Bioware’s Dragon Age series, chances are you’ll know the name Varric Tethras. An adventuring dwarf with a dry wit, he featured as a companion character in both Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Inquisition, where he has some…

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Sony Expects 130 More PSVR Games This Year

thanks for the views we appreciate : 942 Share. The future is virtual. By Matt Davidson Following the success of its VR headset, Sony says it expects 130 games to be released for PSVR by the end of 2018. In a statement to Nikkei (initially translated by Siliconera), Sony says PSVR’s 2 million sales have helped bolster confidence in…

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