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BEDC Edo – Political Tool to Destabilise Obaseki Government ? Edo Twitter Cry Out over Darkness in Benin City & How BEDC is making money from you not having Electricity

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    Many areas in Benin city the capital of mostly ugbiyioko down to upper ekewan, has not see light since the last 2weeks now, in this hot weather, hmmmm now we are experiencing great change in this country.

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    Thank you..power has been restored,but not all part of iworoko ekiti(Road 1/Road 2) affected…..

  3. Tomorrow in Edo State, SDN will assemble key stakeholders in the electricity sector in States with a view to having constructive dialogue which will proffer practical approaches to addressing key concerns of market operators & the electricity customers.

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    Dear Dekunle, we have receipt of your complaint. we have forwarded it to the business unit serving you. We hope for immediate restoration.

  5. Iworoko Ekiti has not had power since Saturday. Please help us look into it. Thanks

  6. the area behind Uselu market has not had power since Saturday. Other areas on the rotation schedule are not suffering the same problem. Please look into it.

  7. amount to a miracle in which Moses performed in Egypt.

  8. we have been buying fuel and we shall even if subsidy is removed. We just want to enjoy the bill card we bought. 3k bill card still not exhausted after 3 weeks cos of NO LIGHT. Give light cos that is what God even first said in creation story. Getting your reply will

  9. Yekogba estate in Benin city. Edo state, off airport road. Transformer adjacent the estate gate. Where keke line up to pick passengers. Same transformer we contributed money to buy almond cable when it was stolen. Even if you don’t want to respond, we shall not die

  10. and till the next Tuesday again, that has been the light circle. You ration power, we have settled for that, at least lets see the little one we use in buying the bills before God open embassy for us to move to where there is 24/7 light. Location is

  11. they call staff on essential duties and I believe you do. Immediately it is Friday it is ad if they all go on vacation. Over eight month and counting we don’t see light on weekend and your team don’t come around to fix it. Till Tuesday and goes bad on friday

  12. it is as if we don’t pay bills but we do.or is it that cos most if is in the neighbourhood have pre paid meters and they think they don’t generate enough from us courtesy of estimated billings? If there is fault why can’t they work on weekend. Private firm have what

  13. I can’t really explain what is wrong. Why can’t your technical team find solution to our problem. We have settled for 3hrs in 3hrs out. Yet your team has never been able to fix our power for one wk straight. We always have issues especially wkends. Now no light

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    Good day please give Auchi light.We are really suffering.Especial Water Board Auchi

  15. what is wrong with the light in warri ? Even with the 4hour on and 4hours off we still don’t see the even if our time to enjoy the light

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    Seriously, their quarrel is getting on our nerves. Since Friday till now, no power

  17. please I made a payment of 10,000 today on prepaid meter no: 04175612185 but account not yet credited.

  18. I try as much as I can to avoid police and trouble that may lead to the police but this BEDC pple I don’t know abt them, imagine billing me 64k while struggling to clear the previous 10k. Light self no de, how many I de use

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    Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you?

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    They should give those igbo boys that sell electrical stuffs prepaid meter to sell or give them license to make it available and you will see magic

  21. Another problem is being created, regionalisation & monopoly. If these MAP or DISCos had competition, it would have been different from the beginning. Make electricity business an open, non limiting so Yola DISCo can operate on Lagos

  22. | , Gets Meter Assets Providers |

  23. Just pray to the lord to shine his light on BEDCpower coz dey need dat 4real

  24. The BEDC handle is not active one. They only use it to pass general info I supposed.

  25. pls for the past 2 weeks now we have not had light at the Light and Life Area Off Ijoka Road Akure for more than 10 mins per day. Pls what’s going on. We need an explanation.

  26. Outrageous bill was presented to us for March, 2019. The previous bills have been within 8-10k. There is nothing to justify this increase as there was no increase in power supply in the month. Kindly as a matter of urgency resolve this deformity

  27. thanks for the swift response. Pls try to resolve this issue on time. Thanks

  28. May it not be well with you people! How can you promise three hours of light ON and three hours OFF. You don’t mistake bring it ON during OFF time. But when we are suppose to be ON,you only flash it for 30 mins of three hours. Na God to punish una !!

  29. What are you guys turning this country into? Is this how it’s done other places? Kindly do the needful.

  30. I wonder what is wrong with in olomo area of warri.

  31. You are fortunate that it is four day only. Ours is two weeks going to the third week. And its 33 line. Ask. NA CRIME TO BE NIGERIAN?

  32. Great news. It would be better if Discos share a roll-out time-table to enable consumers know when to expect these meters on their streets. moves to end estimated billings, licenses meter providers for

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    is a big scam. They are just milking their customers.

  34. we are having issue at iworoko area of ekiti ….we now have light once a week. Please help us contact the people in charge…..

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    removed the transformer at children medical street, off upper owina just to change the oil. Its almost 2 months now, no light if not for the people living in this area, do it for the Children Medical Center. Pls we need light over here. We are begging 👐😩

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    removed the transformer at children medical street, off upper owina just to change the oil. Its almost 2 months now, no light if not for the people living in this area, do it for the Children Medical Center. Pls we need light over here. We are begging 👐😩

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    Horrible people!! Sabotage!! Know nothing about electricity only to collect money!!

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    Wicked people!!!thats who you are..wicked and heartless bunch of illiterates.Telling us birds and snakes disrupts the power..At what age can you guys upgrade and stop telling us stories?when will you stop shutting off power when it starts to rain?

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    How can you say BEDC or NEPA after so many years of existence do not have specific companies that supply parts to them?uou collect millions from customers and go into the market to buy fake products and expect they to pay again when it breaks down

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    Now they are shifting blames.She also said most parts they have a inferior and fake parts from the can they at this age and time still buy parts from the open market?what kinda ineptitude do we have at BEDC?

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    Today on Kpoko FM,The BEDC PRO came in air to explain why there has been epileptic supply of her words,she said the fault was from the transmission station at PTI and that birds,snakes,trees and even winds disrupt power supply.

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    Your vote then is “Maybe”

  43. When is BEDC and those assigned by NERC going to start the meter distribution? What are the process involved? fail to tell how many meter is coming to BEDC

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    I think it’s 50/50 dependent on the type of system they roll out hoping it extends to postpaid ’cause it accts for majority of estimated billing not reflective in the system. Worked with for comm serv n there was a great distortion btw max dd users billing n their A.R

  45. Just heard a loud explosion bfor the power went off at Ebrumede, pls kindly send your team down there to ascertain what went wrong and expedite action in fixing it pls… “”A stitch in time saves nine””… Cc;

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    It’s called ‘flashing!’ Sad indeed that after 4 days of outage na 5 mins dem take flash una!!👎🏽

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    Just to register that you guys used the end of the month? Bills.

  48. please what is wrong with power supply to several parts of Warri like Ifiekporo, UBEJI, Jeddo, Ughoton etc. We have been without power for months now. Cc:

  49. your cooperation is highly required to free your customers from .

  50. should issue meter that have been paid for more than 1+ yrs now. .gov.ng intervene pls

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    They were only testing the 🎤

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