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Jay Jay Okocha The Wizard – Youtube Shows Respect 2.3M Views Add Yours ! www.playplay.com.ng

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Published on Sep 6, 2016

This video is about Nigeria and Bolton legend Jay Jay Okocha, so good they named him twice. If you enjoyed the video please leave a like as i really appreciate that.And thankyou for watching this video. Music:Tom Day Who We Want To Be He had it all a first touch,was great at free kicks , an incredible dribbler , had pace, a phenomenal shot,and a skill set which may be rivaled by only a few to have ever played the beautiful game, Jay Jay Okocha is imo an underrated player who in his prime was one of the best Attacking midfielders in the Premier league.


Dave Gard
If he was Brazilian he’d have been known as the best player in the world.


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Benson Xavier
Dave Gard exactly!


Manesh L
I used to watch Bolton games just because of him. The man was class!!


Water King
That’s true bro


If he was Brazilian he wouldnt get on the Brazil team. Dribblers in Brazil are dime a dozen. you kidding me? How many times on the Brazil team have coaches have opted for a hard tackling midfielder over a technically gifted dribbling type of player? Examples aplenty – Think Dunga, Flavio Conceicao, Ricardinho over players like Alex (of Cruzeiro & Fenerbahce), Djalminha, Denilson, Marcelinho Carioca and so on..

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Deane Zidane
Unlucky his era dat day have a ronaldo r9.he is 1 of my idol.


marlene cotton
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Aim High
Frank Gard That virus which is called racism circulating in their head, let wish that one day doctors will have a cure for them.


bill tev
@vja1970 I think you slightly misunderstood Okocha’s strengths which was long accurate passes, so he would have fitted well in the Brazil team.


Olatunde Opeyemi
@vja1970 naaaa wat about ronaldinho, ronaldo was also a dribbler in is early days


@vja1970 Nearly all the gifted players you mentioned were no longer in favor with coaches AFTER getting their fair share of chances (to impress); I remember Djalminha missing the ’02 World Cup, after he had a fight with his club coach and getting suspended for the rest of the season — if you can’t play, then you can’t go to the World Cup (unless you are that important). Alex was captain for the Copa America side in 2004, and Ricardinho played a ton for Brazil, but both never really impressed. Marcelinho was unlike the others here as he wasn’t given the chances his talent demanded (he has a cult following in Brazil though).

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Timothy Basajjabaka
Seriously if he was a brazilan Ever if he was a white he would be remembered

Anderson West Ebimo
@marlene cotton what of doctor akpan? Na only doctor Oduma☺


Lord Giroud
@vja1970 LMAO please. Denilson made it into 2 Brazil World Cup squads when all he had to offer was dribbling. Okocha was 10 times the player

chowyun fatty
@Anderson West Ebimo👨🏿‍💻👨🏿‍💻 pls what’s Marlene saying thank God I don’t know how to read 🧐😊I can’t be sacm 👹👺🙊🙈🙉🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️

KHA Motivation
@vja1970 have you forgotten how Brazil was in his time and how the Super Eagle was a threat to them then.


@vja1970 I beg to differ. Okocha was better than all the names you have mentioned. He had pace, shooting ability, passing skill and a superior football brain. Most of the time he was surrounded by players of inferior skills and had to carry the heavy load and, I cannot say the same for the players you have listed.

norman smith
Simply putting it, Nigeria is a fairly young country compared to Brazil in terms of existence. You do not have to be a Brazilian to be the world’s best player and that can be changed with a single match. Has anyone else ever chose to speak the truth and agree that Brazil has fielded some players who had no right to even be wearing national colors? Just look at Juan in the lineup…
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