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Sowore Treason Attempted Coup – What He Said and why his supporters wont say it ! ! Nigerians React omoyele.com.ng

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“I am Not Talking of Protest, I am Embarking on Revolution. 85% of Nigerians are in Support, Don’t Tell Me About Legal Implications or What a Judge will Say. I don’t Care. We Must Bundle Buhari out of that Place.” ~Omoyele Sowore, July 25, 2019.


if 51percent  of these 85percent of Nigerians Come out and Say This same words he may stand a chance as the FG has to Arrest Them Too !


but will they


In what is clearly a brutal assault on free speech, Omoyele Sowore was arrested.

In what is clearly a brutal assault on free speech, Omoyele Sowore was arrested.

The Nigerian government has filed a seven-count charge of fraud and treasonable felony against the publisher of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore.

The charges were filed about 50 days after Mr Sowore was arrested and detained by security operatives on August 3.

Officers of Nigeria’s secret police, SSS, had arrested Mr Sowore, in the build-up to the #RevolutionNow protest, and accused him of seeking to overthrow the incumbent government.

Mr Sowore’s lawyers, led by a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana, made attempts to secure his bail. The applications were, however, refused by the court which had granted a government request for a 45-day extension of Mr Sowore’s detention after he was held for about nine days in August.

The case which sparked public interest also resulted in a fundamental rights suit filed by Mr Sowore demanding his release.

On Friday the government filed formal charges accusing Mr Sowore of making several transfers of $16,975 and $20,475 from his domiciliary account with the United Bank for Africa with the intention to conceal the origin of the money.

Mr Sowore who was charged alongside another defendant, Olawole Bakare, was also accused of treason for his involvement in organizing the #RevolutionNow protest.

The protests held on August 5 in many states across Nigeria despite Mr Sowore’s arrest. Many people who partook in the protests were also arrested by security officials.



In the new charge, Mr Sowore is also accused of cyberstalking and disseminating information from an interview he had with a medium, Arise Television, despite knowing such information to be false.

If found guilty, Mr Sowore may spend a maximum of a life term in jail for the alleged offence.

Mr Sowore’s detention has been condemned by activists and rights groups across Nigeria.

A protest organised in Lagos last week was almost disrupted by armed security operatives who barricaded the offices of Sahara Reporters and the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights with the belief the protests would start from there.

Some of the protesters still held their protest in the Ikeja area of Lagos.

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The obvious that some wailers refused to see
Lol yes don’t mind them. How he see am now. Body don’t they tell am
The government would ‘ve waited for his action before his abduction.. We have bandit, herdmen and kiddnapers into action yet they beg for negotiation..
Our democracy in comatose..
If authority are aware of bandits, herdsmen and kidnappers are about to commit Abdul Jackson, they shouldn’t arrest them, but allow them to commit the crimes first?
May God not let my thinking to be comatose.
Some wailers are there condemning his arrest for a clear treasonable offence as this.
If you plan a coup and succeed, you take charge of govt but if you fail, prison take charge of you…
Sowore was accused of insulting buhari. And they sent DSS to pick him up like a criminal. Oh, he has spent about or over 50days in detention already?Well, we are in it for a greasy ride. Wait ooo, Sowore was instrumental to the ousting of GEJ, right?
Who has a cold beer?
Out of 7 indictments, insult is the only thing that jumped out to Engr Dalvin Endy?
You can’t afford your own cold beer too?
He says he wants to topple a government and expects the government to smile at him. That’s treason. He’s lucky to still be alive
Semi you have time for you to luxuriate answering some squaggy and incoherent commentators…Make i bite small chicken teriyaki jare!
It was like every other empty threat.. Gone with d winds


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