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Protea Hotel Benin City Bans Non Guests From its Lounge & Bar ! Class Racism or ? hotelsng.com.ng

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our  reporter was at the premises wednesday night and was told if he was not accompanied by a lodger he would not be served that this is their new policy .

This is not Surprising as Protea Has always tried to put their exclusivity and snob value at the highest . Efforts to elucidate an explanation was met with stone cold responses .

In A Twist probably related to the Tony Kabaka Taiwo Akerele Chief of Staff to the Edo State Governor Altercation but Staff Denied This was the reason and hence it is now clear Its Just Classism Racism in Disguise Where Benin Residents can go or not go even if they can afford to pay .Thankfully Other Highbrow Hotels in the Ancient City allow The public to patronise them .  Protea is not all that in the end


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