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By in swordpress on November 25, 2019
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Many people enter into relationships for various reasons. In the process, they are those who suffer heartbreaks especially when they realize the obvious. For some heartbreaks aren’t nuisance since they have every reason for their relationships.

We have people who are always committed to bring the best in an affair even though, this might not be the same with their partners. Disappointing moments may start to show up very early. Here are some of the signs that you are dating a cheater.

1. Cheaters lack commitment in the relationshipThe level of commitment of someone towards you will definitely for a fact gives you an indiction of how he/she amy be serious about you. In cases where you are the only one who shows commitment, you ought to be keen

2. Supports other cheaters

If you happen to be in a conversation of a situation that involves people who cheat and he or she resonates to support the cheater, ….you could be dating someone who is a cheat. His or her actions might not be there but words speaks what is cooking from the heart.

3. Keeps throwing blames

Most people who are cheat find reasons to look holier than thou. They will tell you, if it was not for this and that, I would not have found myself in such a situation. A cheater is an individual problem and not as a result of whomever. You chose to cheat yourself.

4. Never accepts change

People who often cheat do not want to accept they are wrong and are willing to change. They give excuses to their issues day in, day out.

5. A person who locks his or her phone

Majority of cheaters do not allow their spouses to touch their phones. They keep it locked most of the time trying to hide info that one may be curious to read. What many tend to forget is , a phone call may pop up and your spouse may realize whom you are cheating with.

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