• In America, the attack has largely been forgotten, but it’s never left Iran’s national consciousness, and many believe that it wasn’t an accident.
  • Iranian President Hassan Rouhani referred to the tragic mistake on Twitter two days before Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752 crashed after leaving Tehran.
  • Thousands of Iranians chanted “Death to America,” in a mass funeral for those who died.

  • Alongside the grief, Iran was outraged. Many in Iran’s government didn’t believe the attack was an accident at all, but a message sent by the US. In response to the attack, Iran’s government said it would “avenge the blood of our martyrs.”

  • In the years since, the tragic incident has mostly been forgotten in the US. In Iran, it remains an open sore. Here, a poster shows the Statue of Liberty setting the flight on fire.

  • And every year, Iran’s state media broadcasts footage of the wreckage to remember the tragedy. According to PBS, the attack remains in Iran’s psychology, and changed how it ran its military. The attack showed Iran what the US could get away with.

In 1988, the US Navy accidentally shot an Iranian plane out of the sky, killing 290 people.

The USS Vincennes was in the middle of a skirmish with Iranian gunboats when it saw Iran Air Flight 655 on its radar and confused the Airbus 300 for a fighter jet. After it failed to respond to the Navy’s distress signals, the US shot it down with a missile. Everyone on board was killed.

Yet despite this shocking mistake , it’s often forgotten in the US. In Iran, it remains a national outrage. Many don’t believe that it was a mistake, but a warning from the US.