AGHO OGBEIDE OYO (OBASEKI), The Builder That Took Ancient Benin To A Status Of Modern Benin State obaseki.com.ng launches family website !

By in swordpress on February 14, 2020
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The story of agho ogbeide oyo is that of a dependably, efficient and capable agent of the british imperial regime who filled the vacuum created by the deportation of oba ovonramwen is sentember 1897. he assume a leading role among benin chiefs as a resulf of his foresight of accepting the policies of economic emancipation and embracing education for his wards even when the elites were apathetic to these policies.

which ever way power is exercised, power prrovoke envy, admiration; jealousy and at worst retribution and hatred. with the above in mind, agho dominant position during the period of interregnum won his friends and enemies alike.

agho was the son of ogbeide oyo. ogbeide oyo was the young boy taking from ike village by osemwende during his flight from his brother who usurped the crown from in him when he was going to evbokhimwin. ike village is in the former akugbe district now in isi north of uhunmode L.G.A. ogbeide later became omo-ada and later on invested with the title of arase by oba adolor with the rank of arase, he was to be one of ine of ibiwe society. it was during this time that idygbowa was born and put under the care of ogbeide. idugbowa later became oba ovonramwen. agbo’smother was enohwenkhen form okha in usen district.

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