Americans threatened to voter out Donald Trump over his lies on the Coronavirus outbreak

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The United States of America has recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world today and the US health officials are not leaving any stone unturned as they have taken it upon themselves to make sure that the endemic is called as soon as possible.

Reacting to this the President of the United States(US), Donald Trump has assured Americans that this administration will do everything possible to call these global pandemics that is ravaging his country at this time.

Even though the American people have accused Donald Trump of lying to them they said just a few days ago the president told Americans that we only just have 50 cases, the cases will ‘come down and down and down and down,’ But today, America is witnessing one of the worst health issues in the history of our great nation.

Why should our president be this wicked this shows that he is incompetent and lacks the moral belief the American people deserve we are going to vote him out come next election as his policies go against the wish and the will of the people of America.

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