COVID-19: Trump administration has lost focus

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The main opposition party in the United States of America(USA), the Democrats have been soliciting for support and they are gaining momentum as Trump administration seem to be lacking in knowledge on how to tackle this global epidemic that is ravaging the lives of people in America.

They also argue that the Trump administration has lost focus and will not be able to handle the health issues of Americans properly based on his own selfish and arrogant lifestyle which the American people believe will spell only due to the American people and the economy of the country at large.

A social commentator was speaking on CNN program where he indicated that it is only Democrats who can be able to handle the issues of America at this time based on Trump’s lack of leadership qualities and personal ego which has been the major problem with this current administration led by President  Donald Trump.

The world is witnessing another economic meltdown based on the clampdown on every business activity both in China, India, Europe and almost all over the world which America is not let out.

And it is the duty of this Trump-led administration to arrange other means of making funds available to run the economy.

“Shutting down America will not be in anyone’s interest because America is eyeing to be the greatest of all in the world but today Coronavirus has taken over our system and our health workers are not spared the doctors are dying citizens are dying what do we do at this point and how did America get to this stage.”


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