The United kingdom Health Minister under attack over coronavirus

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The United Kingdom, UK, Prime Minister yesterday called on all well-meaning British citizens two please add her to the instruction giving by the World Health Organisation(WHO) in respect to the coronavirus outbreak.

She called on seasons to please make sure that they keep social distance which is the key to combating the deadly virus which is ravaging the lives of the British people at this point in time.

The prime minister also called on the health sectors and well-meaning individuals including hospitals that are managing the outbreak of the ongoing epidemic and encourage them to keep working because it is for the people and not for themselves every sacrifices you make today will be there for people to remember that at a time like this they all played a role in making him and saving lives.

Let us put our hands on deck and fight this may not together as this is the only thing we can do to our people we will close our borders to every foreign entrance and make sure that we call this problem with our own technocrats that would be to the interest of our great country the world is looking at us to see what the United kingdom can do in this regards.

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