How to search for a Nigerian domain NAME ! or Buy one AWESOME one from US !

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When you’re trying to come up with a good domain, it’s important to come up with one that can stand the test of time and that accurately represents you and your website or brand.

To do a domain name search, you choose the name to the left of the dot. That’s what is called the second level domain. Then you will choose the domain extension (also known as the top level domain or TLD), that comes after the dot, such as .com.

How to get started
Here are some things to keep in mind when doing a domain name search.

Domain and Brand
If you already have a business or brand, your domain should match your name. If the .com domain is taken, you can try an alternate TLD, but be sure not to put yourself in another company’s shadow or infringe on their trademark.

Domain Anatomy
Make sure your domain is easy to spell and pronounce, and doesn’t contain any strange letter substitutions or omissions that will make it difficult to remember. Hyphens are also usually not a great idea because people forget about them.

Short and Sweet
Keep the domain names as short as you can manage. Single-word domains, when you can find one, are golden.

Check that the domain name does not appear as a username on major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Trademark Names
Make sure no one holds a trademark on the proposed domain name within the country .

Ask your friends
The domains you come up with might seem great to you, but it’s a good idea to ask your friends and family for opinions. Here are a few questions you might ask.

Say the domain name out loud and ask them to write it down. Can they spell it easily?

Do the words spell anything strange?

Are there unexpected associations?

Is it memorable?

How to search for a domain

Find your new domain name
Now it’s time to see if your domain name choices are available. Once you’ve come up with a few strong domain candidates, it’s time to plug them into dotifi’s domain name search bar. We will search available domain names for you and let you know if your first choice of second-level domain or TLD is available. We’ll also suggest some alternate TLDs you might try if your first domain choice isn’t available.

How to find good domain names

Lots of people assume that they need the .com extension for every domain. While it is still considered the gold standard, there are now hundreds of other domain options out there. These can be excellent choices to add clever branding to your website or to expand your search.

At dotifi we have a page dedicated to all of the new TLDs. Here you can filter by category or browse the entire list. We have domain extensions for every conceivable business, hobby, and lifestyle. Even if you think you’re going to register the .com domain, it’s worth a look!
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