Systemini Technologies – Get An Asterisk Powered PBX VoIP Telephony & Other Amazing Features at a fraction of the Cost of Traditional Systems

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There are many innovative technologies, presently helping companies to grow rapidly. One

of them is asterisk PBX system, which is an open-source PBX platform and completely integrated with Linux. to make it interoperable with other modern applications. From small organizations to multi-national companies (MNCs), these solutions are offering immense benefits to the company for their consistent growth in the industry.

  • Systemini Telecom’s asterisk solutions are well-developed and integrated with advanced calling features. They can help companies experience a new world of business communication without spending huge expenses.
  • From BPOs to MNCs, Systemini Telecom’s solutions are suitable for every requirement of the company. With good network support and services, these systems will never your business productivity down and keep the infrastructure maintained.

Top Features

Call Features

Asterisk solutions are compatible with all the latest technologies like VoIP (voice over IP), reducing the need of expensive traditional PBX systems. The most common features of IVR systems are:

  1. High-quality Call recording
  2. Call monitoring and automatic data saving
  3. Call Authentication
  4. Call forward on no answer
  1. Call routing through high-quality channels
  2. Call waiting and transfer
  3. High-definition Call Conferencing
  4. Call Snooping
  1. Call Waiting
  2. Do not disturb
  3. Blacklisting numbers
  4. Caller ID on call waiting

Integrated Features

  1. Database integration and management
  2. IVR (interactive voice response) integration
  3. Remote access from different locations
  1. Music on hold
  2. Voicemail
  1. Speech recognition
  2. Auto-attendant


  1. Google Talk
  2. SIP (session initiation protocol) trunking
  3. UNIStim
  4. IAX™
  1. Jingle/XMPP
  2. SCCP (Cisco&® Skinny®)
  3. MGCP
  4. H.323

Along with its costs-saving benefits, asterisk PBX solution is also very versatile option having great set of features and functions comparatively to other solutions. These solutions are completely integrated with VoIP technology, so they use internet services with good bandwidth and signal strength.

Strengths of Our Asterisk Solutions

Our asterisk solutions come with a great scope of business expansion and assure that your company can get maximum profits from their services. These systems will also help you to execute other operations more efficiently with superior quality.

The two main factors on which the strength of these systems depends are ‘Quality’ and ‘Time Management’. From past few years, we have been maintaining a great reputation in the industry and still going great towards building core strengths in the industry.

  • Modern but flexible Infrastructure
  • Dedicated team of PBX experts
  • Focus is on 100% customer satisfaction
  • Varied range of Clientele
  • Immense experience in VoIP Solutions

While using Asterisks applications, the voice features will remain the same as the way they work in traditional PBX. However, additional features will come up because these systems are integrated with VoIP technology.

Where you can utilize Our Asterisk Solutions?

There are many applications of Asterisk systems such as building multi-protocol channels, real-time business interactions and other relevant solutions. These applications are very useful to reduce the complexities in business communication. As a result, companies will be able to concentrate on unique innovations and solutions in the organization.

Here are some commonly used applications of asterisk software, integrated with latest technologies and advance features:

  • IVR Server
  • IP PBX (Business Phone Systems)
  • VoIP Gateway
  • Conference Bridge
  • Voicemail Server
  • Call Center

These advanced PBX systems are completely compatible with every latest technology and services. They are affordable to deploy and seamlessly operational with superior quality. Traditional phone systems don’t have much convenience as compared to asterisk technology. Hence, they provide strength in communication of an organization effortlessly, with high-standard reliability.






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