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Did Stan Lee Cameo in Incredibles 2? www.mcu.website

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By Elli Miller – June 21, 2018
incredibles 2
Better than the Fantastic Four? Source: Pixar
While Stan Lee is contracted to make a cameo in every Marvel superhero, the question is: did Stan Leo cameo in Incredibles 2?
So I had the absolute pleasure of watching The Incredibles II this weekend. Seriously, if you haven’t made the time to watch it already, WATCH IT. It’s arguably better than Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok. Well maybe it’s not better than Ragnarok, if anything it’s about the same. But dammit – it’s a darn good superhero movie!incredibles 2

In any case, what does Ragnarok, Black Panther, and The Incredibles II have in common? Well potentially a Stan Leo cameo. And superpowers of course.

Quick review of Incredibles 2
But a quick review before I start. The Incredibles II is a well rounded film, nailing character development, creative action sequences, comedy, drama, and ‘Ohana’. Get it, cause Ohana means family? But in all seriousness, director Brad Bird should be proud of this fantastic sequence.

I was embarrassed, excited, thrilled, in hysterics, and even fearful at all the right moments. And you could tell they had a lot of fun with the action sequences, the creativity was just… Incredible. All in all, Incredibles 2 gets 8 out of 10 Jack-Jacks.

Evidence in favour of a Stan Lee cameo in Incredibles 2
Stan Lee Cameo in Incredibles 2
Surely that’s a Stan Lee cameo – Surely!? Source: Pixar
But, back on topic, did Stan Leo cameo in The Incredibles 2? I think so, and just hear me out. In the film’s third act where the ship is heading to crash into ‘generic city under imminent attack’, there’s a shot of a bunch of people huddling around a public television. Now the first time we see this group of people, an older man, tanned, wearing a sweater, a flat cap, and shaded sunnies, approaches the group.

First thing’s first, this character really resembles Stan Lee. It’s not a 100% match, but it’s enough to capture your attention.

Second is that the ‘shot’ lasts on this group a couple of seconds too long, and that really highlights that director Brad Bird wants us to notice this character. Which is quite interesting because it’s just supposed to be a generic ‘citizens watching the danger unfold’ shot, right?
Now this wouldn’t be the first time that Stan Lee appears in an animated film. In Big Hero 6, Stan Lee plays the father of T.J. Miller’s character – Fred. But in the case against this article, Big Hero 6 is loosely based on Marvel’s superhero team of the same name, so he’s contracted to appear in it. And by loosely, I mean very loosely. You don’t want to see what happened to Baymax.

Long story short, The Incredibles isn’t a Marvel comics creation, so there isn’t that guarantee of a cameo. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a homage though.Stan Lee Cameo in Incredibles 2

And while I’m here, let me just say that the Incredibles is pretty much the Fantastic Four. Mr. Incredible’s the Thing, Violet’s Susan Storm, Elastagirl is clearly Mr. Fantastic, and then you have Dash who’s like the Human Torch? Less fire I suppose. Anywho.

Stan Lee cameo in Incredibles 2?
Look at that foxy devil and tell me he doesn’t look a hell of a lot like the guy in the previous photo.
So did Stan Lee cameo in Incredibles 2? Well I think so, and if not a cameo, then it’s very well likely to be a homage.

Regardless, if you haven’t seen The Incredibles sequel go watch it already! And while you’re watching it, have a look to confirm that that older man I’m describing doesn’t look a hell of a lot like this foxy gentleman.

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