12 NBA Teams

Is this the year one of the dozen teams on this list finally breaks through?



Off the top of your head, how many NBA teams do you think are still without a title? You might be a bit surprised to learn that a dozen NBA teams have never won a championship in franchise history, including six squads that have been in the league anywhere from 42 to 50 seasons.​

Phoenix has the unfortunate distinction of being the NBA franchise with the longest tenure to have never won it all. The Charles Barkley-led Suns of 1993 came close, but ultimately fell to some guy named Jordan to the tune of four games to two.

Fast-forward to the current 2017-18 campaign and we find Toronto positioning themselves with the best shot of getting off this dubious list.

Barring a total collapse, the Raptors will enter the playoffs as the top seed in the Eastern Conference and a first round matchup most likely against the Miami Heat or Milwaukee Bucks. The squad’s biggest challenge will come in the Eastern Finals where it will most likely match up against the Boston Celtics or the The King in Cleveland.

If Toronto can finally break through to the NBA Finals, a date with Houston or the defending champion Warriors lies ahead.

But hey, regardless of what happens to Toronto in the playoffs, at least they have a legit shot compared to the other titleless teams on this list.


Phoenix Suns 1993 50
Los Angeles Clippers Never 48
Utah Jazz 1998 44
Denver Nuggets Never 42
Indiana Pacers 2000 42
Brooklyn Nets 2003 42
Minnesota Timberwolves Never 29
Orlando Magic 2009 29
Charlotte Hornets Never 28
Toronto Raptors Never 23
Memphis Grizzlies Never 23
New Orleans Pelicans Never 16