Sharia Blasphemy Death Sentence: Two “Muslims” Argue on Facebook One Muslim threatens The Other – As Others Join in

By in swordpress on August 12, 2020
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The Shari’ah Court in Kano found Yakubu Aminu Shariff guilty of blasphemy against the Beloved Prophet Muhammad Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam and sentenced him to death. The judgement of the court against the culprit was just and fair. And whoever is unhappy with this judgement, may Allah curse him million times.

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It is indeed flabbergasted to hear some religious followers accusing the Shariah law of being unjust and unfair to the person that committed this heinous crime. While both of us are aware that, in some countries North Korea if a person is caught for committing bribery and corruption he will be sentence to death instateneously. But hypocrisy will not allow them to accuse such judgement simply because they are not Muslims. This is unfair and unjust against Islam, and we will never take it. Islam forbade Muslims from abusing other faiths.

And I would to use this medium to call on the attention of person or group persons who are attempting to sabotage the decision of the lower court through appeal, that they will not scale through. Allah is watching over you. No matter what, at the end you shall go back to Him.

I am very happy with the decision of this honourable court. Allahumma Salli Alaa Muhammad Wa’alaa Aali Muhammad Kamaa Sallaita Warahimta Alaa Ibrahim Wa’alaa Aali Ibrahim Innaka Hamiidun Majiid.


Odinga A. Abdullahi Blasphemy? The judgment is not only unjust but also unreasonable and a product of religious fanaticism that should not, and must not allow to stand as it is unconstitutional. Besides, does anybody really think he can fight for God?In as much as I cond
In as much as I condemn blasphemy in any manner, the act of awarding death penalty to any person found guilty of same by any religion whatsoever is blasphemy in itself. May God forgive anyone who praise this judgment.
  • Odinga A. Abdullahi Rahma Abdullahi Meaning? I should endorse every religious principles and practices hook line and sinker, right? Far from it man. I did that while I was a student in Kano who feared to hold personal views due to fear of retribution. What religions do these days is to chase shadows and neglect to do things that would better society and humanity in general. How many times have you condemned the activities of Boko Hiram in this platform and rain curses on anyone who support? I am not, and I can never be an apostle of prioritizing religious precepts above and over the general well-being and good of society. I say this without fear of retribution.
  • Abdussalam Abubakar Odinga A. Abdullahi Okay, all is well with all the Muslims. You can say whatever you so wishes. But the position of the Islamic law remain the same. And then mark you, whoever did that that’s the end of his life. And this world can come to an end if anyone committed such heinous crime against prophet Muhammad SAW.

    The religion in the side of Allah is Islam. We don’t abuse other people’s faith. Therefore, whoever attempt and committed same crime believe me he shall go to heaven. Whoever he is, no matter what position he attained in this world.

  • Abdussalam Abubakar Odinga A. Abdullahi Then mark you. We the Muslims we have our constitution from Allah that is filled with perfection. We only follow constitution because we are comeplled to do so. But, deepest in our hearts it is Qur’an that we believed and not the Constitution.

    The Constitution that’s is made by the persons you. While Qur’an came from Allah your creator. The Constitution that lacked focus and requires amendment all the time. While Qur’an suites any time, the past the present and the future. And other divine books recognized it. Tell me any divine law that recognized the Constitution?

    In Nigeria supreme Court Justices who were not Muslim recognized Islamic law to be a divine law from Allah. Who are you to challenge it? What did you know? Your know nothing. And what position do you attained in legal profession? Your must keep your mouth shut.

    The United Kingdom and United States of America they believed in the divinity of Islam from Allah. Who are you to challenge it provisions?

  • Odinga A. Abdullahi Abdussalam Abubakar if they believe in it as you said, why have they not allowed a death penalty founded on Islamic principles to stand? Besides, zinah under Islamic law carries death penalty, I hope you are free of it. Otherwise, submit yourself to punishment
  • Abdussalam Abubakar Odinga A. Abdullahi It seems you didn’t appreciated and digested what you were taugh under Ayat and Ahadithul Ahkam.

    For a persosn to be stoned to death for committing adultery he must be married before. Only if you are married once in your life and commit zina you would be stoned to death. And then, for a person to receive hundred lashes for committing fornication, is one that is never married before. Fornication is for unmarried men, while adultery is for married men.

    So you can tell those who committed adultery or fornication these words of yours. Alhamdulillah throughout our lives we never committed any may Allah continue to protect us.

  •  You are a coward. Why can’t you come out and criticize it while you were a student? It’s now you are showcasing to us who you are. And mark you we will never hesitate to deal with you decisively on this issue if you capitalise on it.

    I only see your hypocrisy coming out from your evil thought. And if you are strong enough You can come and tell us all these things you are saying. You will know that we can lose everything in this world because of Muhammadu Rasulullahi Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

  • Odinga A. Abdullahi Abdussalam Abubakar I will not give the pleasure to exchange juvenile tantrums with you nor engage in any act of blasphemy because you dare me to. But my point is that, the judgment you referred to is unconstitutional. And the beauty of it is that there is nothing you can do about it. There is nothing you can do. I dare you. You claim to love Prophet Muhammad (may peace be on him) very much, how many times have you condemned those who kill millions of people, including Muslims, year in year out? But you are here ranting and ready to kill someone because he disagree with you. Please wake up.
  • Abdussalam Abubakar Odinga A. Abdullahi Follow my time line you will see
  • Fatimah Abdulhameed Abdussalam Abubakar Dan Allah ka qyale wannan banzar.
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  • Celestine Agbokwo I Don,t this bro Abubakar.leave vengeance for Almighty Allah.He is the creator of mankind and he is the only one who has the right to take human life.
    Abdussalam AbubakarAbdussalam Abubakar replied

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  • Muhammad Haruna Wannan gaskiya ka fadi
    Muhammad HarunaMuhammad Haruna replied


  • Adam Waziri Elkay Mashaallah. Well deserved judgement

    Abdussalam AbubakarAbdussalam Abubakar replied



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  • Sani Hamza Uba Without the iota of doubt,the judgment is well decided but,the constitutional impediment will not it to see light of the day.And even there is no constitutional constraint,the issue of politics will play a vital role to extend that culprit may not face his wrath.
    In reality,this judgment is passed in order to appease the fellow muslims ummah in Kano state and elsewhere.To be frank with the people of Kano state that, this judgment shall definitely quash by the appellate court on grounds of lack of jurisdictions.
  • Abdussalam Abubakar Sani Hamza Uba And of course the court has the jurisdiction over the matter. The only thing is that the decision of the lower court can only be quashed by appellate court.
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