How Glo beats MTN Even for IT Guys ! Cpanel Login Your IP address Has Changed

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Hi webmasters in the house have you experienced this: My MTN IP address keeps changing when I try to login to cPanel and I’ve been experiencing some difficulties login in and using my cPanel when browsing with my MTN data.

It keeps logging me out and I get a warning/error message saying My IP has changed and it’s really annoying. It works very fine with every other Naija networks like Etisalat and Glo and Airtel. If you ever experienced this, what have you done to solve it? Do I dump MTN completely?

Its quite sad that MTN an assumed High Tech Company has no IP addresses and keeps changing them even when a user is online .Many Websites and Hosting Companies are wary of Data Providers like this as this is What most Hackers Do Change their Ip address a lot to Hide Their Location ,But there are some solutions available tho


Here is the solution. Probably you are using a phone as WIFI modem or a dongle. And you have not ensured to put the real MTN configuration PROXY address IP. That is the cause.

The solution is to ensure you set the PROXY address to: IP address (Proxy):

The frequent IP switch should stop.

How to Resolve “cPanel Error: Your IP has Changed”.

cPanel will sometimes throw out the error “IP address has changed!” while you’re trying to connect. This is when your Network IP address keeps changing and cPanel is protecting you from possible session hijacking. Some ISPs [Internet Service Providers] have short DHCP life times; this can cause the behavior described.

If you are on our shared hosting service, you can only walk around this in 2 ways:

  1. Use a different network with Static IP anytime you want to access cPanel.
  2. Use ProxyServer to set a Static IP for your cPanel access purpose (after the above step obviously, because you still need to log in to your cPanel to achive this)

If you choose option (2) below is a guideline to setup a ProxyServer on your shared hosting account. You need to gain temporary acess to your cPanel and then do the following:

  • Go to ‘Subdomains‘.
  • Create a subdomain ‘cpanel‘.
  • Download the cPanel Proxy to your Computer (user login required).
  • Go to ‘FileManager‘ from the cPanel homepage.
  • Open the recently created ‘public_html/cpanel‘ folder.
  • Click ‘Upload‘ and select the file you downloaded from your Computer.
  • Select the folder and click ‘Extract‘ button.

From now on, please use If you need any further assistance, be free to contact our Tech Support.

CPanel Login Error: IP address has changed!

Guess you have encountered this error! Well, CPanel will sometimes throw out the error: IP address has changed!
This error is usually due to you using some kind of proxy or VPN that changes your IP address every few seconds/minutes.
Also using ISP that does not use static IP address (most commonly MTN NG – Nigeria user) will throw this error.
These types of connections will not work with cPanel, you can try going to as sometimes that will fix things.
If you’re still getting those error messages, you will need to find another connection to connect into cPanel.
We also recommend that users install and activate a  on their Chrome or Firefox browser.
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