Swordify.com – Resist.i.ng 9 Deadly People in Life Overcomers Assemble

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*7 dangerous people you need to know and handle them with wisdom and knowledge*

1.Thomas Group – Walk with you but don’t really believe in you. They keep on delaying your vision and mission. Useful for Practical Faith Assertions .

Show Them You Believe in God and NOT yourself !

2. Judas Group – Walk with you but have issues with you when God begins to bless you. They are jealous of your success.
forgive dont forget !

3. Demas Group – Walk with you but once you start facing challenges and difficulties, they run away and forsake you.
temporary staff 🙂 keep that in mind and you wont miss them when they eventually run away

4. Korah Group – They challenge your authority, they have issues when others give honor to you. Watch them carefully never turn your back they will joyfully stab you !

5. Ham Group – They expose your nakedness. The day you find yourself in a sinful act, they tell everyone your weaknesses exposing your disaster.
Stay Dressed in the Word of God Put on His Full Armor

6. Gehazi Group – They collect money behind your back. Asks for financial assistance and makes people feel you are not taking good care of them. They dont really think God is with you and are just there to take what they can . OPEN their eyes like Elijah !

7. Deotrephes Group – Most dangerous group, they have voice amongst the people. They can come with stories that destroys your image as a leader . These are those specially setup to destroy you

8.You and Me no doubt we are our own worst enemies .

Culled and adapted online by frank adeche

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