Amaka Dissapoint Me – The True Story What Really Happened !

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Amaka was the prettiest girl in my class while in primary two. She was. loved by everyone including teachers and students alike.
Everyone wanted to be her friend and I wasn’t an exception.
I used to pray for the day she would borrow sharpener from me so that I could have the opportunity to talk to her but she never borrowed anything from me because she had lots of whatever she wanted.
One day, the names of noisemakers was written by the assistant class monitor who was a girl and didn’t like her as the rest of us, so she wrote her name.
My name was in it too.
When it was time for us to be flogged, the teacher said he was giving us three strokes each.
Even though I had a phobia for canes and pain like everyone but mine was worse sha , I decided
to do fineboy because I didn’t want Amaka to see me cry.
After my three lashes, I went to my seat.
It was from there I saw my pretty Amaka shivering out of fear.
She was already crying even though it wasn’t her turn to be flogged.
My heart melted for her.
Finally, her turn came.
As the teacher was about to cane her, I stood up from my seat and shouted, _”Uncle I will collect the cane for her!”
The whole class became quiet. Everyone’s mouth was opened.
The teacher turned to me and asked, _”what did you say?”_ I replied again, _”I want to collect the cane for her.”
I saw the look on Amaka’s face. She was surprised.
I felt like a savior and wanted to use this moment to show her that I can go any length to get her attention.
I was ready to do so with my little bum bum.
“Come outside!”,_ he commanded me, as he asked her to go back to her seat. The tempo of my heartbeat increased.
Everyone’s gaze was fixed on me and the teacher.
As I got to where he was, he muttered something like _”stupid boy, I will show you today”_ and grabbed me by the front part of my shorts thereby making my bum bum very visible and smooth and even revealing the lines of the panties I wore.
I knew I was in trouble because he didn’t hold anybody’s shorts this way.
I was still feeling the pain from the one I received for myself and now I was about to collect for her.
I didn’t bother, at least, my Amaka will be my friend after now and she will borrow my cleaner and sharpener henceforth.
The first stroke landed on me and it felt like a cutlass was used to divide my bum bum!
I screamed with pain as I tried to escape from the teacher’s grip but he was way bigger than I so I couldn’t escape.
The second stroke came, fiam!
This time around, I knew I was going to die in this man’s hand. The whole class felt for me.
I tried to look at Amaka’s face and that was when I saw her laughing at me.
My heart broke like the screen of a plasma TV, See the person I’m suffering for laughing at me when others were pitying me.
The third one came gbam! and landed on the same place that the other ones landed! I thought that was all since it was three strokes each, but the teacher didn’t let me go.
I ended up receiving six hefty strokes for Fuuunnkee! As he let me go, I staggered and fell down.
It was as if I was paralyzed.
Somehow, I managed to get to my seat. Everyone was telling me sorry and it made me cry the more.
I expected my Amaka to be the first person to come and tell me sorry but she never came.
After closing hours, I was going to meet her and talk to her when I saw her talking to another boy from my class.
“Amaka, how are you?” I asked her.
She looked at me and burst into a loud laughter with the other boy. I began to cry again.
I felt betrayed!
That day, I concluded that she was a witch because no normal person would do what she did to me.
I was left with many questions.
How could she not sympathise with me after all I did?
Not even a small accolade.
I was devastated!
Today’s lesson is this: *There are many lessons one can learn from this write up, but I would like to bring your attention to the sacrifice Jesus did on behalf of us which many of us are still reluctant to accept. The way you feel when you read about Amaka’s attitude is the same way heaven feels at our ungratefulness.* REPENT!
The following day at school, her name was written again as a noisemaker but mine wasn’t written because I had not even recovered from the strokes of the previous day, so I didn’t have the power to make noise.
As it got to her turn to be flogged, the teacher paused and said, _”where is that your husband that collected cane for you yesterday?”
As she pointed to me, I wanted to invoke the gods of my forefathers on her but didn’t know how to reach them so I just gave her that Patience ozokwo kind of evil eyes until the teacher then asked me, _”are you not collecting for her today?”
As I shook my head to say no, tears went down my small cheeks when I remembered the previous day, but that didn’t block my view from seeing Amaka cry as the Uncle unleashed six sweet strokes on her buttocks and I clapped for him from where I was seated!
There is always a second time. Christ came first time to save us but the second time will be for judgement. *On the day of judgement,there is no mercy, no such thing as I will go to hell on your behalf.*
#You may pass it on, someone, somewhere may need this too.
Stay great as you prepare for his second coming
*somebody might need this as a means of social media evangelism*
Thanks and remain bless in Christ.


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