Sallah Nigeria 2021 – A Story Of Expensive Rams & Sallah Prayer Love Messages …

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1 You will experience unlimited advancement, undiluted growth, blessings that will make you open your mouths agape in wonder, happiness that will lift you high into the sky, the peace that will reverberate in all corners of your life, and joy that will pass from you to others. These and more are what I wish for you on this beautiful Sallah day. Happy Eid El Kabir to you

2 When I know that my hands cannot touch people that are dear to me, I send them my hugs of prayers. As we come together to felicitate on the Eid-El-Kabir, I pray the blessings of God will never depart from your household. Happy Sallah celebrations. May the peace and joy of this day follow you everywhere you go.

3 Eid is the combination of three great words

E – Envelope people with love and care
I – Inspire with your attitude
D – Develop the passion to support one and all

Happy Sallah celebrations to you

4 On behalf of me, myself and I, please accept my warm Sallah greetings and my sincere love feelings of this day of praise and worship. I pray that we will be favoured and alive to witness more Sallah celebrations on the face of the earth. Happy Sallah to you my love.

5 On this beautiful day, I pray that the almighty send success along your way. I pray that your life will be filled with loads of happiness and all atom of sadness be removed entirely from your life. I pray that you have the most joyous day today and that you will never experience any sorrow from now henceforth.

6 As we celebrate this Sallah together, May God accept our prayers and bestow amazing blessings on us. May the bond of our love grow stronger and we live long to celebrate many more Sallah together. Happy celebrations to you.

7 Today I am sending my warmest Sallah greetings to you. I pray that you remain as happy as ever, you increase from strength to strength, you grow in all ramifications, your wealth physically and spiritually increases through God, and that you are granted paradise when the last days come upon us. Happy Eid El Kabir to you.

8 My heart celebrates with you this morning. As you embark on the celebration of Eid El Kabir. I pray for more great, fulfilling and wonderful years of peaceful celebrations together. I pray that God provide for all you need and that you increase from size to size every day of your life. Happy Sallah to you my love.

9 May the goodness of today enrich all aspects of your life and may God protect you from all sorts of calamity that may come your way. May you be a living testimony of the God’s blessings and may you have every reason to thank God from today henceforth. Happy Sallah celebrations.

10 May your life be flooded with happiness, may God bless your soul with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to deal with today and the future, and may you be enveloped with the peace that soothes your soul. Happy celebrations dear.

11 May the blessings of God rest on you and your family, may you be a witness to many more Sallahs on earth, may peace, love, success, long life and good health never depart from you and your loved ones. Barka De Sallah and happy Eid El Kabir to you my love.

12 May this unique festival of love and sacrifice bring us the peace, hope and fulfillment that we need to forge ahead in this new year. Happy Sallah celebrations to you.

13 May God accept our Ibadah, grant us the strength to celebrate many more Sallah. May he forgive all our sins and give us the hope to live in his glory today and forever. Happy Eid El Kabir to you and your family.

14 This Sallah will mark an indescribable turn around in your life. This Sallah will bring in plenty goodies and blessings that are way beyond your expectations. This Sallah will bring you surprises that will make you scream in praise to God. Happy Sallah celebrations to you. May God perfect all that is left to be completed in your life. Have a great day my love.

15 Eid is a time for togetherness, joy, forgiveness and thanksgiving. May God bless you today my love and give you the strength to love, forgive at the same time. May you be a role model to other people who are finding love and happiness in their lives today. Happy Sallah celebrations.

16 The Sallah is here again to make me send you my warm happy Sallah to my love messages. Remember today that my love for you is unwavering, and will never change for anything in the world. It is me and you together and forever my love, and I just pray to God to give us the strength to celebrate many more Sallah on earth. Happy Eid El Kabir darling.

17 On this beautiful day of mercy, peace and forgiveness, I pray that God the merciful will grant us all our heart desires. I pray that he will bestow on us the grace to forgive and love for other people. May God be with you and bless you every day of your life. Happy Eid El Kabir to you.

18 Joy will always surround you, friends will always love, sadness will not envelope you, peace will always affect you. These are my prayers and wishes for you on this wonderful day of Sallah celebration. Happy Eid El Kabir to you.

19 May God grant you good health, success, protection and prosperity today and forever, as we celebrate Sallah together. May you be blessed beyond what you can ever imagine and may you be a living testimony to others.

20 On this special day on Sallah. I am grateful that God has spared your life to witness this day. I pray that he will continue to spare your life so that you can witness any more Sallah years on earth. Happy celebrations.
20 Eid el Kabir text messages

21 This text is to let you know how special you are and wish you a Happy Sallah celebration.

22 Endless blessing are my wish for you during this celebration.

23 Your celebration shall be a joyful one, and you shall never have cause to shed a tear.

24 May Allah grant you all your heart desires. Happy Sallah.

25 May Allah take you to greater heights that you deserve. Greater you I pray.

26 This EID shall deliver unto you all the best things in life darling.

27 I want you to use this period as a time to reach out and inspire others. Keep being you darling.

28 Have a blessed and prosperous Sallah celebration.

29 I come against all sorts of gloom in you. May you always be so bright and full of life.

30 Be an example to others around you this special period. Happy Sallah.

31 Good luck and fortune shall come your way now and even after the celebration.

32 As you join in this celebration, Allah shall blow all your sorrows away.

33 May those around you see you as a delight to be with. Keep spreading peace and love around you baby.

34 May you and your loved ones find favour in Allah’s eyes.

35 During this celebration, Allah shall rain down blessings on you like never before

36 May Allah’s peace be with you this period.

37 You and your family shall be filled with beautiful smiles and a successful end.

38 I pray Allah always be merciful unto you and lead you in the right way.

39 Peace, love and prosperity shall be your portion this period. Eid Mubarak.

40 Tears, sorrows and fears shall be wiped away from your life, and your life shall be filled with thanksgiving


Muslims celebrate Sallah amid hike in food, ram prices

Ram Market in Gbagada.. yesterday. PHOTO: ENIOLA DANIEL

Notwithstanding the hike in the price of ram in the market, which has put the price out of the reach of many, Muslims in Nigeria will celebrate Eid-al Adha today.

Eid-al Adha, Arabic for Festival of the Sacrifice, is the latter of the two official holidays celebrated by Muslims.

Muslim faithful often mark the yearly ritual with slaughtering of rams in honour of Ibrahim, who was to sacrifice his son, Ismail, as an act of obedience to God’s command. Before Ibrahim could sacrifice his son, however, Allah provided a lamb for the sacrifice.

However, the hike in price of ram has made it difficult for many, who want to observe the yearly ritual.

Some of them, who spoke with The Guardian yesterday, expressed concerns that a ram, which was sold for N35,000 last year, now goes between N70,000 and N90,000, while the one that sold for N50,000 is now sold for N150,000.

Also, a visit to the ram market in Gbagada, Lagos, a large size ram went for N600,000. Buyers also paid an additional N1,500 as agency fee before they could leave the market.

Welfare and Protocol Officer, Council of Alfas, Alhaji Monsu Atewolara, who was in the market said: “Last year, I bought a ram at the rate of N50,000, but they are selling the same size of ram now for N150, 000.

He complained about the gap in the price, saying, “it has limited the number of rams we want to buy for the celebration.”

He said: “I used to buy four rams and share with my neighbours, Muslims and Christians but now, I am buying one as I can’t afford the same number of rams.”

Atewolara, who is also the CDA chairman, Orile-Maroko, said they must celebrate even with the excruciating economy.

Speaking with The Guardian, the Chairman, Lagos State Ram Sellers Association, Abubakar Langa, said the hike in price was caused by corresponding hikes in other products in Nigeria.

He said: “I used to sell a big ram for N400,000 but I have to sell it for N600,000 this year because we are also affected.

“I bought four of the big size and this is the last one and I am hoping a customer will pick it soon. It’s for big men and not everyone can afford it. Ram was cheap last year, but everything is on the increase. It’s not our fault; it’s also costly in the north. I have been in this business for 50 years and I don’t just increase unless the situation warrants it.”

Another seller, Alhaji Adebayo Nurudeen, said: “It’s not a funny situation. Last year, a buyer can get a big ram in a good condition at the rate of N30,000 and 35,000, but this year, the least price of a ram, between six and eight months, is N120,000 and N170,000 and we have rams of N350,000 and it’s not our fault. What we bought from the north determines the amount we can sell here. Moving the ram from the north is challenging. We spend a lot on security on the road, and we need to raise the prices to stay in business.

“Security in Nigeria is zero. We pay to move around. We get security men to guard us.

He added: “By this time last year, I had sold no fewer than 120 rams, but now, I have sold fewer than 60. But we are hopeful for a better turnaround.”

On his part, Head, Car Wash Ram Market, Onipetesi, Agege Motor Road, Hassan Abubakar, said: “Most of the rams here come from France, Niger, Chad and Cameroon. We convert our naira to Cefa before we make purchases over there. So, if you calculate it, you can see how much we are generating by the time we sell here. The one we bought for N50,000 last year is now N150,000. The one bought N25,000 last year is sold here for N45,000. Maiduguri is the largest supplier of rams, followed by Jigawa State. The Boko Haram crisis also affected supplies in Borno State. So, we now buy from Niger and bring them in through Jigawa State. Some buy from Chad, then go through Adamawa. We also factor the cost of transportation and other expenses.

He added: “Access routes to Borno and Jigawa are just two because of insecurity.

He added: “Last year, this place was occupied with people coming in and going out with rams.”

Also, Babagana Haudu said he sold an average size of ram for N70,000 but this year, he was selling them for 120,000 each. Another reason the prices are high is because of bandits and kidnappers who have taken over parts of the country.

Another seller, Jubril Alamin, linked the hike in price to feeds. He said feeds of N3,500 or N4,000 now sell for N8,000 or N9,000 and it is difficult for the sellers to grow the feed in neighbouring states like Ogun or Oyo because of the weather.

“There are many rams imported from Chad and Niger. We call the rams Arara because they are not well fed like Nigerian animals. They don’t feed them the way we do in Nigeria. The rams are only fed with grasses, but in Nigeria, we give them wheat, maize and bean husks,” he said.

He stressed the need for government to protect farmers and cattle herders in the north.


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