Nigeria Records 159 COVID-19 Cases, 74 More Recoveries

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A file photo of a healthcare worker holding a COVID-19 test kit. TARSO SARRAF / AFP


Nigeria has witnessed a decline in the number of COVID-19 cases with 159 new infections reported within the past 24 hours.

In its latest update on Saturday night, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) said the new cases were recorded in 13 states.

Topping the list is Kaduna State with 47 new cases, followed by Enugu with 44 fresh infections and Benue with 36.

Other states include Delta – 10, Lagos – 7, Plateau – 5, Rivers – 3, Nasarawa – 2, Bauchi – 1, Bayelsa – 1, Edo – 1, Jigawa – 1 and Kano – 1.

Despite the decline in reported cases, NCDC said one person succumbed to the virus on Saturday, thus bringing the total number of fatalities to 2,856.

This is as Lagos currently has the highest figure of fatalities with 726 deaths, followed by Edo and the federal capital territory (FCT), with 224 and 214 deaths, respectively. search: 837 Inmates Fled Oyo Custodial Centre, 575 Still On The Run – NCoS

On a positive note, 74 patients have been discharged after recovering from the infection.

Out of the 210,295 COVID-19 cases so far confirmed in Nigeria, 198,191 patients have recovered.


Global Tally

The novel coronavirus has killed at least 4,926,579 people since the outbreak emerged in China in December 2019, according to a tally from official sources compiled by AFP at 1000 GMT on Friday.

At least 242,393,310 cases of coronavirus have been registered. The vast majority have recovered, though some have continued to experience symptoms weeks or even months later.

The figures are based on daily reports provided by health authorities in each country. They exclude revisions made by other statistical organisations, which show that the number of deaths is much higher.

The World Health Organization estimates that the pandemic’s overall toll could be two to three times higher than official records, due to the excess mortality that is directly and indirectly linked to Covid-19.

A large number of the less severe or asymptomatic cases also remain undetected, despite intensified testing in many countries.

On Thursday, 7,387 new deaths and 449,791 new cases were recorded worldwide.

Based on the latest reports, the countries with the newest deaths were the United States with 1,812, followed by Russia with 1,064 and Ukraine with 546.

The US is the worst-affected country with 733,218 deaths from 45,301,092 cases.

After the US, the hardest-hit countries are Brazil with 604,679 deaths from 21,697,341 cases, India with 453,042 deaths from 34,143,236 cases, Mexico with 285,669 deaths from 3,772,556 cases, and Russia with 228,453 deaths from 8,168,305 cases.

The country with the highest number of deaths compared to its population is Peru with 607 fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Bosnia-Herzegovina with 344, North Macedonia with 337, Montenegro with 327, Bulgaria with 327, and Hungary with 315.

Latin America and the Caribbean overall has 1,512,762 deaths from 45,653,856 cases, Europe 1,366,679 deaths from 71,928,513 infections, and Asia 860,332 deaths from 55,340,236 cases.

The United States and Canada have reported 761,871 deaths from 46,992,403 cases, Africa 216,423 deaths from 8,456,873 cases, the Middle East 205,919 deaths from 13,786,823 cases, and Oceania 2,593 deaths from 234,614 cases.

As a result of corrections by national authorities or late publication of data, the figures updated over the past 24 hours may not correspond exactly to the previous day’s tallies.


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