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Was King Solomon the richest man in history?
without going into much detail King Solomon was one of the wisest man to have ever lived and kings from all across the world came to him for advice King Solomon is considered as the richest man to have ever lived and some have estimated that in today’s dollars he may well have been a trillionaire

King Solomon of Israel – peak net worth: $2.2 trillion

According to the Bible, King Solomon ruled from 970 BC to 931 BC, and during this time he is said to have received 25 tons of gold for each of the 39 years of his reign, which would be worth billions of dollars in 2016. Along with impossible riches amassed from taxation and trade, the biblical ruler’s personal fortune could have surpassed $2 trillion in today’s money.

Mansa Musa I of Mali – peak net worth: $415 billion

Musa I amassed the equivalent of $415 billion during his 25-year reign from 1312-1327. The King of Timbuktu and Malian emperor, who controlled a huge empire which covered much of modern-day Mali and Ghana, had half of the world’s supply of gold at his disposal, which was traded with merchants from as far away as Venice, Genoa and Egypt

Mansa Musa I of Mali,

MANSA MUSA I, is the ruler of the Malian Empire who’s net worth was $418 Billion in 1280. He got his riches from trading of gold and salt. During his time he owns half of the world’s supply of salt and gold.His name actually means Lion of Mali. He conquered 26 countries in modern day West Africa.

Mansa’s trade in gold made him popular all the way to Europe. He traveled to Cairo, Egypt and spent so much trade in gold it devalued their currency of bullion.


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King Solomon upon becoming King of Israel prayed to God to have the wisdom to guide his people. God gave him more than that. He gifted him with the intellect that no one has ever surpassed. God also blessed him with riches beyond anyone who can imagine or will ever have. He was also had the Dihjin power that he can fight demons and bad spirits. He also had uncanny way to communicate with animals. He is the son of King David by his wife Bathseba.

KING SOLOMON’S net worth during his time was $2 Trillions which when put in today’s valuation is estimated to around $9 Trillions and more!

King Solomon’s territory.

KING SOLOMON, was reported that his impossible riches was gained from other countries paying homage to him. He was the world renowned wisest King that ever lived. People has gifted Solomon with large amounts of gold. It was reported that he has gotten 25 tons of gold for each year he was King. During his reign other countries were very scared and in awe of Solomon. He was the only King who was tasked to build the Tabernacle for people to worship God. He reigned for 39 prosperous years.

Israel had 39 years of peace and advancement . Fun fact , the name Solomon literally means peace or peacemaker. He popularly made the judgement of cutting the baby in half to both women who went to court because. they were claiming that the baby was theirs. Upon this judgment, the real mother willingly agreed for the other woman to have the baby as long as the baby is not hurt or killed. This is the true testament of how wise King Solomon was as he ingeniously ruled that the real mother was the one who would rather lose the baby than having the baby killed. The whole world heard of this and he was indeed proclaimed THE WISEST HUMAN WHO EVER LIVED. Upon his death he was buried in the cave of My. Zion as that burial place was for The Royal house of David.

In today’s valuations this will be worth billions in one year alone of getting 25 tons of gold. If we multiply 25 tons by 39 years, the total was 975 tons of gold amassed during his reign. His richness throughout his reign is immeasurable and incomparable even at present time. Aside from that he also got his riches from taxes paid by his people and trading with other countries.


Although the Bible mentions a number of wealthy individuals, the richest person by far was King Solomon. His reign is described in the first half of the book of I Kings in the Old Testament. Interestingly enough, he did not ask for wealth. The story says that the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream at night and asked what he should give him. Instead of requesting riches, honor, long life, or the defeat of his enemies in battle, Solomon requested an understanding heart, to be able to wisely judge his people. The request pleased God so much that he gave Solomon what he asked for, which was a wise and understanding — and also all the other things that he didn’t ask for, as a bonus.

It takes the Bible several chapters to describe all of Solomon’s wealth. He accumulated it in various ways. For instance, he sent out vessels for trading to Tyre, in what is now Lebanon, and the coast of Africa. These ships came back with gold, silver, ivory, and other valuable items. He heavily taxed his own subjects and also received tribute from the rulers of nearby lands. Additionally, visiting dignitaries brought him gifts. Notable among his visitors was the Queen of Sheba, who supposedly arrived with a great train of camels bearing gold, precious gems, spices, and other riches.

The Bible says that Solomon built two immense palaces, and within these palaces, all the cups and other vessels were made of gold, and none were made of silver. There was so much gold in Solomon’s kingdom, in fact, that silver was considered as worthless as stones on the ground. Solomon also had an immense throne built of ivory overlaid with gold.

To give a rough idea of the Biblical estimation of a portion of Solomon’s wealth, chapter 10 of I Kings says that Solomon received 666 talents of gold every year. According to Oxford Biblical Studies, a talent was about 75.5 pounds in our measurement. This means that Solomon’s income included over 50,000 pounds of gold every year.




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