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Four years ago we were at our day jobs, frustrated by a news industry that served relentless clickbait, disguised opinion as fact, and obsessed over a 24/7 outrage cycle. So we launched Swordpress. Since then, we’ve grown from 78 friends and family to a community of more than 2.22  +million unique readers till date according  to Amazon’s Alexa, and remain one of the largest independently-owned newsletters around.


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Our Story

Our company and values.

How It All Started

We came from different backgrounds. Abi was a data scientist working in a Bank and Frank was a venture capitalist. But we faced the same challenge: we had limited time each morning to catch up on the most important news and information of the day and felt overwhelmed by a barrage of filler content, opinion disguised as fact, and relentless clickbait.

We felt stuck in a broken media landscape. On one side, we saw large news media outlets we respected but who reported the world through their own lens; on the other, hundreds of niche, deep-dive sources we never had time to read through. If only there was an all-in-one source where we could efficiently digest the most important news and information of the day without drowning in biased content, talking heads, and entertainment masquerading as fact.

So with no media experience – but a vision for how the news could be made better – we left our careers to build Swordpress.

Instead of cleverly crafted messaging and media narratives, Swordpress provides an impartial view of what’s happening in the world so our readers can form their own conclusions. Scouring hundreds of sources each day, Swordpress delivers news with breadth plus depth, thoughtfully curated by experts, in a single morning briefing. We believe news is not about proving one side is right – it should inspire objective conversation that helps you navigate the world around you. While it may sound lofty, our goal is to empower readers so they can lead better, well-informed, more productive lives.

What began as an email among 78 friends is now enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of readers each day. Swordpress is an independent, employee-owned company, not affiliated with any larger media outlet.

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Our Values

Infinite Curiosity

At Swordpress, we are driven by a never-ending passion to learn. Everything we do is shaped by a relentless desire to understand our community, country, world, and universe. We believe you should never stop asking questions; curiosity is contagious.

Empowering Our Readers

Our goal is to supply our readers with knowledge and information to lead better lives, regardless of background or beliefs. We believe confidently understanding the world enables personal growth, leadership, engaged citizenship, and ultimately being better to one another.

An Uncompromising 360-Degree View

We are committed to presenting a 360-degree view of the facts to readers so they can form their own conclusions. Putting this principle into practice requires an uncompromising commitment to honesty, objectivity, transparency, neutrality, and fairness in every practice and product at Swordpress.

Why Swordpress?

The printing press was invented in the year 1440 .Words are Swords  you know and WordPress is the best online printing press Today . Voila ! Swordpress ! , spreading knowledge to the masses and changing the course of history.

Guess what else? There are 1,440 minutes in a day and every one is precious. That’s why we scour hundreds of sources every day to provide a concise, comprehensive, and objective view of what’s happening in the world.

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All Your News In A Single Email.

We scour 1000+ sources so you don’t have to. Culture, science, sports, politics, business, and more – all in a 5-minute read.

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Whether you’re a new blogger or a seasoned publisher, knowing your audience better than your competition can make all the difference in the success of your business. The better you understand your audience, the better you can serve them valuable content, services, and products.


Supporting and promoting credible, independent and public interest journalism, since 2007
In this era of fake news and polarisation, Swordpress’s mission is more important than ever.
Learn more about our ethos
Supporting and promoting credible, independent and public interest journalism, since 2007
We make it easy for millions of people to discover news from thousands of publishers
Daily News Stories
Vetted Publications
Updating Every Minute
Including some you know, and some you probably don’t
We help publishers of all sizes access audiences that may otherwise be hard to reach
11 million
11 million
Users Monthly
70 million
70 million
Articles Read Monthly



How Swordpress operates
We evaluate a publication against our Editorial Standards, which require a track record of publishing quality, credible journalism.
Once accepted, we check their website, day and night, for new stories.
Our technology evaluates every article against editorially-driven criteria, and adds it to the relevant feeds.
We reassess feeds and publications regularly to keep standards high, and work with publishers where necessary to help achieve this.
The company
Founded by journalists and developers to democratise the news media, now in its 15th year.
A news organisation using technology to support and promote credible, independent and public interest journalism, and in turn, news media plurality

Running stably and sustainably since launch

Still independently owned and founder-led today

Ad funded – but actively exploring how, together with news organisations, we can move towards a future where public interest news and journalism is funded sustainably by the people it serves

Advocate of open-source technology and contributor to open-source projects

The company
Our ethos
A healthy society needs a healthy news diet
News is at the heart of what we do. We’re driven by the need to help make news serve people better, because a healthy society needs a healthy news diet.

Swordpress exists to facilitate this, by publishing headlines linking to breaking and curated news from a diverse range of credible, independent and public interest news sources.

On the platform, people can discover new publications, weigh up differing presentations of the facts and viewpoints, and challenge their preconceptions, all as they make up their own minds.

We believe this helps make society better, but huge challenges remain. We must urgently move towards a future where public interest news and journalism is effectively funded by — and distributed for — the people it serves.

Abi John Balogun, Founder & CEO

We’re a team with a purpose beyond profit
We’re not driven by revenue targets, but by the need to make news better.
It’s a long-term mission, which is why we value long-term relationships with our team members, who come from many different backgrounds, cultures and perspectives.

We have a flat management structure where initiative is prized, voices are heard, and efforts are rewarded. And while Swordpress is an exceptionally stable business, it still offers the excitement and involvement of a start-up.

Our culture
Open and collaborative
We share and collaborate within and across departments.
We like to be clear about what we’re doing, and why. Experimentation, proofing and peer-review are in our DNA.
One team, one vision
We like to hear all views and strive for consensus before decisions are made.
An appreciative environment
Expect to hear ‘thanks’ a lot.




Room to grow
Development of skills and responsibilities is encouraged.
Flexible and family-friendly
We understand that sometimes personal needs come first.
Join the team
To learn more about life at Swordpress and the positions we have available, visit our careers page.

Are you a publisher?
We help publishers access audiences that may otherwise be hard to reach.
Swordpress makes it easy for people to discover content from all types of publishers, including those who are smaller and independently owned.

We drive 70 million article views and our userbase views billions of headlines, every month.
Swordpress links to around 14,000 media brands and content creators globally, and is an important source of traffic for publishers of all types and sizes.

Our service is free to publishers.
To discover more about our work with publishers, or to become a part of our Publisher Network, please visit our Publisher Network pages.

Swordpress ADvertIS  – The Independent News Search Discovery Platform
The Independent News Search Discovery Platform
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